Character Creation

Character creation is pretty simple….until you get to skills. If you’ve ever played any Palladium game (Rifts, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etc.) you know that it’s a skills based game and not so much a level based game like D&D. You can spend an hour easily on thumbing through skills, getting their starting percentages and their + at each level.
You have a few choices for your character class.

Hound Master (dog master)
Reaper (zombie killer)
Scrounger (a specialist in finding food and survival equipment)
Shepherd of the Dammned (a specialist in finding survivors)
Survivor (everyday persons from all layers of society)
Note- Survivors are strongly encouraged for game play purposes. There are more than a dozen skills from truck driver to police officer and all offer different skill sets. Being a special forces solider is fine, but playing a high school science teacher caught up in this mess is exciting.
When rolling for skills you will need to roll for 9 skills. 4D6 drop the lowest. If any of your stats are 16 or higher, roll an additional d6 and add to the total for that skill only. (If you roll another 6, then roll again).

Until I can think of something else to add I only have one more requirement. You need to give your character a reason to be at “Loopy Trails Horse Ranch” in Southern Texas during the time of the Apocalypse. (Vacation, hired hand, horse trainer, whatever you can think of).

Character sheets can be found at: (Page 1)
& (Page 2)

Character Creation

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