The world as we know it is gone. It started with Flu pandemics in China and India, it quickly spread to Europe and Africa. Within two days it was in the US and the rest of the world quickly caught up. The victims were violently ill, by day 7 of their sickness they were bed ridden, feverish and dehydrated. By day 12 they were dead. When news of the mass dead hit panic ensued. There was rioting, plundering, homicides and suicides abundant. It was only after people begun locking themselves uptight, or heading out towards the nearest military base or CDC research facility that the true identity of this outbreak became apparent.
It took 10 hours for the dead to rise. By then the morgues were full, high schools, police stations and arenas were being used to stockpile the ridiculous amount of dead bodies. Then slowly they began waking up.
It’s believed that 70% of the worlds population fell prey to this disease, but an additional 15 to 20 percent died immediately after the dead awoke to feed on the living.
Rotten Luck takes place 6 months after the Zombie Apocalypse. The group of adventurers will need to survive, travel, defend and attack in a world where they never actually thought this could happen. In a world where it’s you vs. billions of creatures are trying to eat you, sometimes things don’t work out in your favor. Sometimes you may feel like you just have Rotten Luck.

Rotten Luck

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